How ClinicalCloud® Works

ClinicalCloud® is the next generation clinical trial management system. It focuses on bringing technology solutions to the core of data collection (the investigator site) and integration with existing systems. The framework of ClinicalCloud® provides transparency and promotes collaboration, while creating seamless processes that lead to smarter clinical trials. ClinicalCloud® is available to research sites, academic medical centers, CROs and sponsors.

The primary roadblock to paperless research is paper source documents. Although patient reported outcomes are captured electronically, the physiological data, which constitutes about 75 percent of the trial data, is currently still captured on paper.

5 Features that Make ClinicalCloud® Work for YOU

The ClinicalCloud® e-Research Chart is a solution for electronic recording, filing and storing of data generated in support of a trial. ClinicalCloud® tools and templates enable you to design forms in line with study protocol and create your own customized forms using a series of hybrid forms that allow for free handwriting, data capture and structured data capture using the e-tablet feature.

The Case History is formed by a combination of internally generated source documents (e.g., medical and medication history, physical examination, I/E criteria checklist, etc.) and external source documents (e.g., laboratory and X-ray reports, IVRS documents, etc.). The external document handling and management system ensures that all internal and external documents are stored within the e-Research Chart.

The Clinic Workspace stores the investigator site file electronically. It also provides calendars and dashboards for site personnel to manage tasks, allocate resources and manage time. Pre-defined workflows allow for routing and approval of essential documents electronically. The communication tool allows for all study communication to be managed within the workspace.

ClinicalCloud® provides Internet-based remote access to essential documents through its Clinical Research Associate (CRA) Workspace. The "cloud" reduces barriers to study monitoring and will increase efficiency and possibly reduce clinical trial cost.

The ClinicalCloud® Communication Portal provides a collaborative platform and a centralized location for accessing all study information. It facilitates the push and pull of documents (e.g., regulatory documents, newsletters, safety reports, etc.) from investigator portals.

ClinicalCloud® Management Workspace provides access to real-time metrics and business intelligence (BI) reports that enable optimal planning and execution of the trial. Informed decisions on resource management and risk mitigation lead to a smarter clinical trial.

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