Benefits of ClinicalCloud®

Sponsor/CRO Benefits

ClinicalCloud® is a technology developed around the existing clinical trial process which allows for a solution that builds efficiency and improves personnel performance while maintaining the integrity of the overall process.

Sponsors and CROs can use ClinicalCloud® to:

  • Reduce barriers to study monitoring through secure remote access
  • Capture accurate and complete data due to several features designed to improve efficiency and data accuracy
  • Provide an easy way to disseminate information to all study sites
  • Set up personalized dashboards that provide single-click access to analytical and collaborative tools
  • Send instant notifications about critical events. These alerts can be data, schedule or event driven
  • Give access to real-time metrics that assist management in making well-informed decisions and to devise risk mitigation strategies
  • Facilitate distribution and tracking of essential study documents electronically
  • Create study metric reports that assist in better resource management
  • Standardize processes that help overcome the challenges of globalization

If you are a member of a CRO or sponsor organization, contact ClinicalCloud® Solutions to discuss your particular clinical trial needs.

Investigative Site Benefits

ClinicalCloud® is truly the next generation of CTMS systems. It has all the core capabilities of the existing site CTMS systems, but it also incorporates the E-Research Chart. In the current systems, information is stored in a disconnected environment and has to be re-entered into the site CTMS from subject charts. But with ClinicalCloud® you have a connected environment that increases efficiency and reduces redundancy.

Trust ClinicalCloud® to:

  • Capture data electronically, which ensures the data is legible, attributable, complete and consistent
  • Produce electronic audit trails that are maintained as part of the source documents
  • Electronically store data so that it is readily accessible for informed decision-making
  • Provide role-based access to ensure only authorized personnel can view and handle data
  • Give you flexibility in designing and adding forms so that all data related to the study is captured
  • Produce a paperless process that saves time and resources
  • Track relevant site communication through the Communication Portal
  • Store and maintain Investigator site file electronically
  • Personalized dashboards provide single-click access to analytical and collaborative tools that are easy-to-read and instantly actionable
  • Secure storage
  • Unified database
  • Scheduling system for tracking subject visits
  • Ease of use with pre-defined workflows and smart navigation

If you are a member of an investigative site, contact ClinicalCloud® Solutions to discuss your particular clinical trial needs.