About Our Company

Clinical Cloud Development ,LP (CC) was established in 2009 by medical industry professionals with expertise in areas of clinical research, information technology and management. CC strives to bring value proposition to both the pharmaceutical industry and clinical trial sites.

Over the last 15 years, Internet and e-technologies have become an integral part of everyday business in most sectors, but the clinical trials arena is behind. The industry faces several challenges including:

1) Patents worth billions are expiring.
2) There is an increasing cost of conducting clinical trials, which leads to budgetary challenges.
3) There is increasing, unmet demand to embrace technology that will allow organizations to differentiate themselves, boost productivity and succeed.

CC developed our product, ClinicalCloud®, to be an innovative technology solution for clinical researchers. Making effective improvements to the clinical trial process requires an understanding of existing roles and systems, which we have at CC.

CC developed ClinicalCloud® as the next generation clinical trial management system. The system focuses on bringing technology solutions to the core of data collection (at the investigator site) and then works to integrate that data with existing systems. Bottom line: The ClinicalCloud® solution builds efficiency and improves performance while maintaining the integrity of the overall clinical trial process.

Sites and sponsors agree that completely electronic or "paperless" research is the future and that it is time to pave the way for these opportunities. CC is here to do just that. Click here to learn more about ClinicalCloud®.